Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Digital Age

To be successful in the digital age you need to build an audience first. Nothing else matters until you build an audience. at first your product is the content you provide for free. It could be a blog, a web page, a video channel, and podcast, or any number of things that people want to come a visit. Once you start publishing content, then you seek to help other people find it. Just publishing is a start, but then it is a good idea to start talking about it on the social media site of your choice (Google+ is my favorite, but any of the others will work as well).

Once you start getting people to visit your work, you can then turn to paid advertising just to spread the word about your work. I like using Adwords, but any other paid advertising is useful. Finally, once you believe you have enough people visiting your work on a regular basis, then you can start to sell to them indirectly. You can do this by placing your own ads for products next to your work. You can use Adsense or any other advertising service. Once that is in full swing you can start capturing e-mail addresses and sell directly to that list. The process is slow, but if you follow it you can build a nice digital age business.

What do you think?