Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Future - The Digital Age

As we transition fully into the digital age we will experience a shift from using real humans doing most of the work to robots, computers, software, and other technologies doing most of the work. We see this clearly in manufacturing where more and more assembly is being done by robots and technology. What is interesting is seeing the trend in journalism. One professor now estimates that by 2030 90% of all news will be written by software programs. Since software is already being used (a recent L.A. Times story was written by a software program), this prediction might be off by a few years. It might happen sooner! Stop and think about that for a second. What kind of implication does this have for the people who work in that industry? If it is possible to replace journalist, who else can be replaced? I am a teacher by day and I wonder how soon will teachers start being replaced by online content? That might happen sooner than anyone would venture to predict.

What do you think?