Friday, March 21, 2014

Creativity - Finding Your True Passion

There are many ways to find your passion. Google the phrase "how to find your passion" and you get 280 million results. So there are many options. I have found though, that usually we know our passion, we just tend to either ignore it, or discount it, or don't even notice that we do it.

I thought my passion was writing music, so for several years I tried to make more room in my life for writing music. But, it always seemed as if I had to force myself to write music. Now I enjoy writing music, but I had to schedule time to do it, or motivate myself to do it, or just guilt myself into doing it. I even found a way to have to write music (I took a job as a music teacher where I had to write the music for the students to have something to play).

During the same time period, there was one activity that I did and never had to even think about doing it. That activity was writing. I did not think of it as my passion since I did it without even giving it a thought. It was just something that I did. Now I think is the key to finding your true passion. Your true passion might very well be that activity you do all the time that you don't even notice you do it.

What do you think?