Saturday, March 22, 2014

Internet Business - Building An Audience

I just hit 60 pageviews a day. It is a new record for me. I am blown away that I am getting 60 views. I was shooting for 10 pageviews a day this month and look what happened. So what have I done to improve my pageviews?

First, I publish several posts a day. Now some say that is not important, but I disagree. I think once you build an audience, then the frequency of publishing is not that important. At the beginning though, posting at least once a day (or more) helps increase the number of pageviews.

Second, use social media. Now I only use Google+, but that is because I am not a big user of social media. But if you have an audience in whatever social media platform you already use, why not let them know what you are doing? It will speed up the process of increasing your pageviews considerably.

Third, start commenting on the posts of other bloggers and articles you read on the internet. I shoot to make at least 3 comments a day. By the way, do not post "Nice post". Try to make a contribution to the conversation.

Fourth, start a small AdWords campaign (or a campaign on any other advertising site you might prefer). I started one in which I limited the cost to $1 a day and it has been completely worth it.

So that's what I am doing at the moment and my pageviews have increased exponentially.

What do you think?