Saturday, March 29, 2014

Writing - Keeping A Journal

Should you start a journal? I have found that keeping a journal has been a vital tool in my life. I use my journal to chronicle my life (like a diary only not so literal). It helps me see patterns and habits that I might either want to increase or decrease. I also use it to write down all the stuff that floats through my mind. It is amazing how many good ideas and concepts you have when you write them down. I am beginning to think that people do not have problems coming up with ideas. They have problems recognizing them and remembering them. Keeping a journal is a very good way to recognize your ideas and have some place where you can go back and find them.

So start a journal. You can do it the old fashion way and write longhand in some kind of notebook, or you can go digital and use your favorite electronic device. I have use my Chromebook for that since I bought it, but I have also used my iPad, my iPhone, and my Mac Mini as well. Now with Google Drive I can use them all (and I do).

What do you think?