Friday, March 28, 2014

Observation - Film Music

The winner for best film score this past year was Steve Price for "Gravity" which was a good score. Tonight I finally watched "The Book Thief" which had music by John Williams, who was also nominated for the Oscar for best film score. After hearing both scores, John Williams should have won the Oscar. The music for "The Book Thief" was beautiful and brilliantly scored. John Williams is a master at evoking the right emotion and still producing amazing and memorable melodies. What is more impressive though is the fact that he is 82! (At 82 I hope to be able to still tie my own shoes!) I wonder if those who vote for the Oscars actually listen to the music? How could they not notice that the music in "The Book Thief" was so much better than the music for "Gravity"? I know that picking which score is better is subjective, but I wonder if those who voted just chose the winner based on the movie they liked best and not the music on it's own merit? Oh well, maybe next year John Williams.

What do you think?