Monday, March 24, 2014

Internet Business - Playing The Game

Is there a way to get a high ranking on a search result? Is there a way to get more people to view your site? Is there a way to get more people to click or buy? I wonder if we spend to much time trying to play the game and not focus on what is important - the content. I know that I am new to this medium (blogging), but I am not new to creating. When you create, you want to focus on the end product and what it is going to be when you are finished. If while you are creating you focus on something else (like what are people going to think or how will I sell it) you will not create what you intended. To put it another way, you miss out on being authentic. Is that not what people want? Do they not want to experience something authentic? The reality is you do have to play the game, but if you lose your focus you might not win the prize.

What do you think?