Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Future - Smart Watches

I remember when the smartphones were introduced. There were some who asked "Why would you want your phone to do all that?". Well, I am starting to hear the same thing with smart watches. "Why would you want…" is usually the first thing you hear when a breakthrough is about to happen. I think smart watches might be the next big innovation. Would I use one? Since I got a smartphone (which was only about a year ago) I stopped wearing a watch. My smartphone became my watch (and much more). But, if a watch could do most of what my smartphone does, I might consider it. Of course, the price would make a difference. I am also not much of an early adopter, so I would probably get one, but only after it had been out a while and gone through a couple of revision cycles. I did the same thing with my iPad (I bought an iPad 2 once the price dropped), and I also did the same thing with my Chromebook (I waited till several models had been introduced).

What do you think?