Monday, March 24, 2014

The Future - Visual Learners

100 years ago most people were auditory learners. That meant that they learned best by listening or hearing. As time progressed and movies and TV were introduced, more and more people have become visual learners. Today it is estimated that there are more visual learners than auditory (there are also kinesthetic learners but I think that they have always been a minority in our culture). In one blog post I read it is estimated that over 65% of internet users are visual learners. I have also seen this trend in the classroom. We have more and more people who are visual learners today and they will just continue to grow. The implications for the future are clear. If anyone is to succeed, then they will need to make sure they cater to the visual learner. Now the internet is inherently visual (that's because you have to "see" things on the internet), but it is a good idea to keep in the back of our minds that visual learners will determine if we thrive or not.

What do you think?