Friday, March 28, 2014

The Future - The Digital Age

I just acquired a new keyboard piano controller to use with my music set up on my Mac Mini which has made me realize that it is absolutely amazing what is possible to produce musically on a computer. The cost is also much lower today to produce music on a computer than it was a decade ago (and it keeps getting lower). For example, if I wanted to record orchestra quality sounds a decade ago I would have had to hire an orchestra and booked time in a recording studio. Today all I need is music production software, some sampled sounds, and a way to record digitally on my computer. All of which is far less expensive than hiring an orchestra. Now, is the quality the same? No, but it is actually quite close (especially if the orchestra musicians aren't that good and the quality of recording is poor). Having a trained and professional ear, it is getting much more difficult to tell the difference between computer generated sounds and live musicians. What are the implications? If music can be digitized, what else can and will be digitized? What does that mean for jobs in the future?

What do you think?