Wednesday, March 26, 2014

News and Events

Globally, Putin's reputation in Russia is soaring. Obama's reputation in the U.S. is in decline. That is not a good place to be in when it comes time to make decisions that have global ramifications. There is no news from Ukraine, which is good, but Russia is still massing troops on the border. Nothing new from Venezuela. the unrest continues. There are reports that unrest is starting to take shape in El Salvador. Turkey is attempting to ban twitter. Maybe some unrest is brewing there. The reality is that things are very unstable. At some point, something will boil over and we will have a real crisis on our hands.

In the U.S. things were quiet today. The cleanup continues at the mudslide in the state of Washington. A California State Senator was arrested on corruption charges. Connecticut lawmakers approve raising the minimum wage to $10:10 (why that amount?). Stocks were down. Nothing major at all today.

So it is another day in the calm before the storm.

What do you think?