Monday, March 17, 2014

Internet Business

As I have written before, the key to having a successful internet business is to build an audience. How hard is it to do that? It turns out it is not that hard, but it is not without effort. To build an audience you have to create content people will want to come and see. I used to think that was hard, but if you are a reader of my blog, then you will agree with me that it does not take all that much to make it happen (as my blog is evidence of that). All it takes to get people to come and look at what you are publishing is a bit of passion and a lot of consistency. First, create stuff you love to create. In doing so you will create stuff that is of good quality (or good enough which is good enough as well). Then keep creating and publishing consistently (rinse and repeat daily). Follow that with a bit of a marketing strategy (like using social networks, a bit of advertising, and commenting on the work of others). The rest seems to fall in place. I have gone from 3-5 views a day when I first started to nearly 40 in about 7 weeks. Now that is not a whole lot in numerical terms, but my growth rate has been outstanding (doubling every couple of weeks). Now lets see how I can turn this into a money maker.

What do you think?