Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Future - Education

What if public education became a privilege and not a right? What if students had to earn the privilege of a free education by behaving and keeping their grades up? If they didn't, they would lose their "free ride" and have to pay for their own education. Hey, that sounds like going to a University? You have to earn your way into a University (even a public one). Why can't the rest of education be the same way (or at least high school)? If just did this, schools would be transformed in less than a year. Why? Because the biggest problem with our school system is not bad teachers (though there are some), or bad administrators (though there are some), poor facilities (which need to be improved), or bad curriculum (which does need to be improved). The biggest problem with school are legions of students who are disruptive, behave poorly, and do not want to do any work. Move those students out of the system and the rest will fall in line. Why? Because the students and parents who are left will make sure it happens.

What do you think?