Sunday, March 2, 2014


It's that time of the year. Time to pay our taxes. I always have to pay something extra each year. I can't seem to get my withholding just right. I also don't enjoy paying my taxes because I don't seem to benefit much from them. Sure I receive protection from the Armed forces and the police and fire services, but that's about it. My property taxes have gone to pay for my kids public education, so that I don't mind. I just don't feel that i get anything for all the money I pay in taxes? The truth is. most of it goes to pay the government bureaucracy and all the entitlement programs. So why do I have to pay for that? I'm not rich by any means. Sometimes I want to quit my job and do something much more enjoyable, for less money, so that I don't have to pay any taxes. To bad my bills won't let me!

What do you think?