Saturday, March 1, 2014

Los Angeles

You would think that by living in Southern California I would be familiar with Los Angeles and the surrounding area, but I am not. In fact, it has been over a decade since I even crossed the Los Angeles county line. I brought my Son into Los Angeles for something he is doing. I am surprised at how much has changed and how much has not. There many new land marks and buildings, bit all the old ones are still here. People are still living in very close quarters, but there seems to be a bit more space here and there. Though I do not enjoy going into Los Angeles, the experience today has not been as bad as expected. I do enjoy going into San Diego though. It is a much prettier town and the people are not as jaded. I would imagine that many people think that Southern California is dominated by Los Angeles and San Diego, but that is not the case. You can go years without having to visit either place when you live here.

What do you think?