Sunday, March 9, 2014


I have now been using my Chromebook for four months. I use it more than any other device I own. I use it more than my Mac Mini, my iPad, and my iPhone. I am still surprised at how much I use it considering that I bought it on a whim and paid about $200. Using my Chromebook makes me rethink all my other technology purchases over the years. Now I do use my Mac Mini for something I can't do well on my Chromebook. I use my Mac Mini to compose music. There is a web based music scoring program (Noteflight), but it is too basic for my needs. I use Finale with upgraded sound samples, and that is not going to be something I will be able to do on my Chromebook any time soon. But I use my Chromebook for everything else I do. So why did computers and tablets cost so much? Why have they dropped so much in price? Did Windows add that much to the overall cost? Or did the components cost that much? Or were computer companies out to make as much money as possible and we paid it? Well, it is nice to have a device that does all I need it to do, is fast enough for all I do, and it costs about $200, which I can afford to replace every year (or even every six months). I wonder what impact this will have on future technology?

What do you think?