Saturday, March 1, 2014

The internet

The internet as we know it is about 25 years old. What an impact it has had. The internet has radically changed the computer industry, the telephone industry, the music industry, the book industry, the movie industry, and highly influenced education, government, and just about every other endeavor on this planet. I don't think anyone envisioned how much the internet would affect our world.

I can remember when there were no personal computers or the internet. We had to read a newspaper to find out what was going on, look things up in phone books to find phone numbers, and look places up in maps to find a particular location. If we wanted to do any kind of research we had to go to a library. If we wanted a document to look good, we had to use a typewriter (and use white out for corrections). If I wanted to keep a journal, I had to use a paper notebook. There was no other option. When I stop and think about all that has changed, I am blown away. Could I go back to the way things were? Sure, but not because I would want to. The tools at our disposal are just too awesome to give up.

What do you think?