Wednesday, March 5, 2014


There are two types of creativity. The first, which is the most recognized and most common form of creativity, is that of novelty. In this form, you come up with as many different and unique ideas as possible. Some good techniques for this are: brainstorming, list making, mind mapping, and just goofing around with a concept. The second form of creativity is not so much concerned with coming up with new or novel ideas, but with creating actual things. This is the form that I am most interested in. New ideas are actually quite common. New things are not. A new piece of music, a new piece of writing, a new piece of art, even a new product or service is what this form of creativity is all about. There are no techniques for this. You just have to produce. You have to work on something till it exists, and then start on another. This is the form most renown artists are known for. Was Mozart great at producing something new, or just producing? He was a master producer who created great pieces of music in mass. What about those artists who actually do instigate change? Like Beethoven or Picasso? They actually combined both forms of creativity. The came up with new stuff and then produced like crazy.

What do you think?