Thursday, March 13, 2014


I have had my Chromebook for almost 5 months now. So far my Chromebook has functioned flawlessly and has solidly become my device of choice. Now it still has the drawback of not being very functional when I am offline, but having a hotspot on my iPhone has solved all the issues I had. I am using my Chromebook for just about all I do. I keep this blog with it. I surf the internet and check my email with it. I also use it to watch Youtube video's and play solitaire. I am still pleased with my Chromebook and knowing that it cost about $200 (and I have not had to spend another dime to use it as I do), I will continue to be pleased.

I think Microsoft has something to worry about. If you can do just about anything you need to do with a Chromebook, why would you spend more on a Window's machine or even a Surface tablet? Does Apple have to worry? Not yet because Apple attracts a different user. The Apple user is looking for a status symbol and a certain type of experience when they use an Apple device. Since Chromebook does not deliver that, it is not a threat to Apple. Now Microsoft should worry because they are competing for the same customers that Chromebook is targeting. I think that Chromebook is going to but a major dent in Windows machine sales.

What do you think?