Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chromebook - Better for Education

There is a big push in schools today to provide each student with some kind of internet accessing device. Some school districts have chosen to provide iPads for each student (L.A. Unified for one). From all I have read and heard, the iPad roll out has not gone well. Some districts are turning to using Chromebooks instead, which I think is a better choice.

Chromebooks are not better devices than iPads, that's not why they are better for education. They are better for education because they fit the need better than iPads. The most important thing students need to be able to do is access the internet and learn to use basic computing apps. Everything else becomes a distraction in the education setting (not exactly what's needed today).

The best aspect of using Chromebooks is the cost. Not only are the devices themselves inexpensive, software costs are very low as well. That's not the case with iPads. Software costs are almost as much as the original cost for each device.

I think Chromebooks will allow students to learn all the basics they will need to function in the digital age and not bankrupt school districts.

What do you think?