Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Becoming a teacher today

Would I recommend that anyone become a teacher today? I am actually mixed on the answer to that question. It is true that teaching today is not a great career to go into. Talk to most teachers and they will tell you that it is a thankless job, with unending demands, horrible behaving students, and crazy parents. The pay in some states is fine, but in others it is still horrible. The benefits used to be great, but since Obamacare, they are expensive and mediocre. So why even think about teaching? The only reason is that you still get to make a positive impact on a few students. I have come across two ex students of mine over the last two days who still remember me fondly and were thankful for all I did for them. That's the only reason I still teach. If you want to become a teacher, the only reason is because you want to make a difference. You will, but it might not be as huge as you think. If you want to teach for any other reason, it's not worth the hard work, stress, working conditions, and a host of other negative aspects.

What do you think?