Monday, March 28, 2016

The future of work

I came across a couple of interesting articles that give some insight into the future of work. The first article was about the "gig" economy. It was talking about how more and more employers are hiring people as independent contractors. In other words, more businesses are hiring outside workers rather than inside workers. It turns out that the government is also doing the same thing. The second article was about the further use of robots in the workplace. The port of Los Angeles is using a massive robot to move shipping containers. This used to be done by crane operators, who are paid very well. Well, it looks like those jobs will be disappearing soon. So the feature of work will either be automated, or independent. So if you have a job you will either be replaced by a machine, or you will be made an independent contractor which means you will be self-employed. These are a couple of interesting trends I am going to keep an eye on. I think they will have a huge impact on our economy and the future of work.

Just a note. There was a strike not to long ago at the Port in Los Angeles. Maybe this is one of the consequences of going on strike? Robots don't go on strike.

What do you think?