Thursday, March 17, 2016

Driving around the world

The circumference of the earth is about 25,000 miles. I was just looking at the odometer on my Toyota Yaris, which I bought about a year ago, and it just went over 25,000 miles. Then it hit me. In about a year, I have driven around the world! I knew that I drive a lot, but I did not realize that it was that much. That is the reality of living in Southern California. Most of us can't afford to live where we work (or don't want to live there for other reasons - crime, smog, quality of life), so we commute every day. My daily commute adds up to over 25,000 miles a year. Considering that I am a teacher and I have the summer off, that is a massive amount of driving. Maybe it is time to make some kind of change?

What do you think?