Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nightcap 3-5-16

It looks like Donald Trump is not going to run away with the Republican nomination. Ted Cruz won two states tonight (and Trump won the other two) keeping Trump from building his lead (though he still have about 100 more delegates). Rubio came in third and Kasich in fourth. My guess is that Kasich and Rubio will wait to see how they do on the 15th in their home states before making any decisions about dropping out of the race. If either of them lose in their home states they will be out. Bernie Sanders won two states today as well and Hillary Clinton won only one. Clinton still has a commanding lead in delegates thanks to securing many of the "super" delegates, but she is not quite running away with it either. Maybe both parties will have a brokered convention? Now that would be interesting. There was nothing else of major importance today. Lets see what tomorrow rings?

What do you think?