Wednesday, March 16, 2016

El Niño is a bust

We have had above average rain here in Southern California for the last few months. So, we have had a little bit of relief from the drought. Unfortunately we have not had the amount of rain that was forecast. The El Niño pattern that was forecast has not materialized. That's actually put Southern California in a bad position for the summer. Since we are having a very warm winter, we will probably have a very warm summer. So, the drought will return it full force this summer making things worse. Maybe instead of playing around with carbon taxes, messing around with the formula for gasoline, or wasting billions of dollars on the light rail project that no one will ever use, California should have been working on a way to help provide water for all its residents. Maybe California will eventually come do it senses and do what needs to be done. Well, I can at least dream about it?

What do you think?