Saturday, March 12, 2016

Location or Quality?

What is more important? Is it location, location, location? Or, is it quality, quality, quality,? I'm starting to believe it is quality that makes the biggest difference of all. We have a sandwich shop that just opened down the street from us which proves that quality is more important than location. It is located on the backside of an office building and you can't see it from anywhere except if you're standing in front of it. In spite of this poor location, the place is always full. Why? Because they make a great sandwich at a good price. They also have a unique system in that you fill out your order on the back of a paper bag, and then they make your sandwich for you. But though the novelty of ordering is interesting, the reason I keep going back is because the sandwiches are great. Quality at a good price will always make you money.

What do you think?