Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The movie business

I don't think the economy is doing well, though the official numbers claim something different. I think unemployment is higher and revenue is lower. I also believe that we are either in a recession or entering one. One spot in the economy that does seem to be doing well is the movie business. So far this year, ticket sales and income are higher than at any point in the past several years. If this trend continues, the movie business might have it's best year ever. It helped that Start Wars VII was a monster hit, but there have been some notable hits in the new year as well. If the economy is not doing well, should that not be reflected at the box office? Maybe, but it is also true that when things are not going well people like to go to the movies to help forget their problems. I think that is why the movie business is doing well. It also helps that there have been some descent movies lately.

What do you think?