Friday, March 11, 2016

Taking a break

No, I am not taking a break from writing in my blog. What I would like to write about today is taking a break so that you can get more ideas. Our brains have a curious function. Sometimes when we work very hard at trying to find an idea, our brains can't do it. But, if we take a break and go do something else, magically our brains come up with an idea. So, if you find yourself stuck without being able to move forward, take a break. Go do something else. Go do a little bit of cleaning, go wash the dishes, take a short walk, call a friend and have a nice discussion about something else. Take a break and go do something else and you will see that your brain will come up with an idea. That always works well for me. In fact that is how I came up with this blog post.

What do you think?