Friday, March 18, 2016

Using Google Docs

A few days ago I gave up on my iPhone only experiment. I missed my Chromebook to much. Since then I decided to also switch from using Pages to Google Docs to do my writing. At first I was not all that impressed with Google Docs. I thought about switching back, but now that I have used it for a while, it is growing on me. Here as some of the reasons I am liking using Google Docs. First, it saves my work better than Pages did, and much faster. In fact, on pages I lost some of my writing because the document did not save quickly enough when I switched between devices. Second, Google Docs loads much faster than Pages. I like this because I can get to writing faster. Third, I like the spellcheck function on Google Docs better. Pages would give me weird suggestions when I made a mistake. Google Docs is much more accurate at figuring out what I meant to write. Finally, I like the way Google Docs works on my Chromebook, and since that is now my main device, I am going to stick with using it. Now, I am not pleased with how Google Docs works on my iPhone. Pages is better, but since I am not using my iPhone as my main device, I am going to use Google Docs.

What do you think?