Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Third party products

The toner cartridge in my laser printer needs to be replaced. So, I went to the local office supply store to see how much a new one would cost. A new toner cartridge from the manufacturer is about $100. Not wanting to spend that kind of money, I went online and bought a third-party cartridge. Now doing so can be risky. Sometimes the cartridges don't function as expected. Fortunately, the cartridge I ordered is one that I have used in the past. I know it works. The best part is that I only paid $25 for it. I saved $75 by buying a third-party product. I know that it is better to buy the products from the manufacture because the quality is better and it is the best way to go. But, doesn't have to be four times as much? Sometimes I wonder if they just are playing us for fools. In the meantime I'm going to take the money I have saved and use it for something more valuable.

What do you think?