Saturday, March 19, 2016

Writing e-books

I would very much like to start writing ebooks. I am not sure what kind I will write. I could take some of the ideas I have written about here in my blog and expand them into some kind of non-fiction book. Another idea was to start writing fiction and see if I can come up with some novellas (short books of 20-40,000 words). Now my biggest problem is finding things to write about. When it comes to nonfiction there are tons of ideas, but not very many that could be developed into an ebook. I also imagine that I would run out of ideas eventually. That then leads me to fiction because there are unlimited possibilities. Since you just make stuff up in fiction, you literally never run out of ideas. Sure you might get tired of writing about one character or in one particular genre, but then you just come up with a new character or switch to a new genre. Eventually I will decide on something and create an ebook.

What do you think?