Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Chromebook

Usually at this time of year I buy a new Chromebook. I do so for my birthday which is coming up. This year though, I think I will keep the one I have and not buy a new one. Why? Because the one I have is working perfectly, so there is no need to replace it. Then I looked at all the new offerings and there is nothing better that is available. The new Acer model has basically the same chip as the machine I have now. So buying a new one would not be different at all. I could buy a cheaper model from another brand, but they have slower performing chips, so why do that? I could buy a model with more memory, but the one I have has memory enough for all I do. So, I will keep the one I have and save my birthday money for something else. Maybe next year there will be something better to upgrade to for the same price or less?

What do you think?