Sunday, March 6, 2016

My Chromebook

Yesterday I wrote about my iPhone and how it has transformed my writing life. I want to write about my Chromebook today because it is the other device I use extensively. Currently I do most of my writing using the dictation function on my iPhone using Pages. That's only part of my writing process. After I do some writing I pull up what I have written on my Chromebook. I edit what I have written and I also add some more writing. Then I use my Chromebook to publish what I have written to my blog. I could use my iPhone to do that, but it is not a user friendly experience. Plus the size of the screen makes it difficult to work with. Using my Chromebook is perfect though. It is fast to get online. I have access to full desktop web sites (not the mobile ones). I also have a nice sized keyboard to type with and a track pad. So my Chromebook has become my "finishing" device (I also do a bit of writing on it). The combination of using my iPhone and my Chromebook has worked perfectly for me.

What do you think?