Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nightcap 3-16-16

Stocks and oil closed higher today. You could say there was a correlation between oil and stock prices, but I'm not sure that counted today. Stocks and oil were higher because the FEE decided to keep Interest rates where they currently are today. The FED was scheduled to increase rates today, but chose not to because it felt that it was not warranted. That is why stocks and oil were higher. I'm actually surprised they were not much higher. Maybe it dawned on investors that things are not all that well. Maybe there will be a selloff soon? The rest of the news was all about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both of them did well yesterday and are likely to be the nominees for president. Other than the usual crime, mayhem, and disasters, there was nothing else of great importance in the news. Maybe things will be more interesting tomorrow?

What do you think?