Sunday, March 13, 2016

High school graduates

I was just reading that U.S. High school graduates do not rank well with the rest of the world. In fact, they came in dead last out of 30 industrialized countries. Furthermore, many are saying that our graduates are on par as many other countries drop outs! What a sad indictment of our education system. Being a part of that system for over 20 years I am ashamed of how poorly we are doing. So what is the problem? Well, we need better teachers that's for sure. We need better curriculum because what we have is not working. We need less testing and more authentic assessments where there are consequences for failing (all other countries have "exit" exams that actually count for something). Finally, the students need to change their attitudes towards education. I can't tell you how many students we have that do not want to do any work at all no matter what the class is. It is staggering the amount of students we have who do not want to learn (which takes effort and discipline). So, how do we fix all that? I have no idea. If I did I would be on my way to making a whole lot of money.

What do you think?