Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nightcap 3-12-16

Sorry, but I was not able to write a nightcap yesterday. Stocks and oil rallied higher yesterday. Maybe the ECB announcement was not all bad? Today there were primaries in Wyoming and Washington D.C. Ted Cruz won in Wyoming picking up 9 delegates with Marco Rubio and Donald Trump each getting 1. In D.C. Rubio won and picked up 10 delegates with John Kasich picking up. 9. So Trump had his worst day of the campaign. I wonder how this might influence things next Tuesday? Will Rubio and Kasich survive to campaign for a while longer? Or will this be the end of their campaigns? If I look at the delegate counts, if Rubio and Kasich drop out, their supporters might move to Cruz and maybe he gains on Trump? Now that would be interesting as well. I did not find any thing else of major importance to have happened today. Let's see what tomorrow might bring.

What do you think?