Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nightcap 3-22-16

Brussels was the scene of the latest large scale terror attack. Scores are dead and many more are wounded. Radical Islam has struck again. When will the world get it? We are at war with an ideology and religion that wants us dead. So who is next? Which European city is on the list to be attacked? Maybe it is a good idea to avoid Europe for the next few decades! Meanwhile, stocks closed mixed today and oil was down. It also looks like Donald Trump is going to win in Arizona and Ted Cruz in Utah. Trump expanded his lead in delegates, but Cruz is not out of it yet. As I look at the delegate counts, Trump looks like he might win unless Cruz gets enough delegates to keep him from winning outright. We might have an open convention afterall. Besides the normal crime, mayhem, and disasters, there was nothing else of great importance in the news.

What do you think?