Monday, March 14, 2016

California drought update

We have been experiencing the worst drought in many years here in California. There is news today that one of the largest reservoirs in Northern California is 80% full. It has not been this full in over three years. So that is good news, but we still have a way to go here in Southern California we have received above normal rainfall, but not as much as they have received up north. So, we will still be in drought mode if we do not get more rain. For me personally, even if we do get more rain I am still going to keep doing what I'm doing. I have cut way back on my water usage, and I have done things to lower the amount of need for water around my house. The reality here in Southern California is that we live in a desert, so being wise with our water is a must. Instead of trying to build a light rail from Southern California to Northern California, maybe the legislature should focus on bringing in more water. We sure could use several desalinization plants.

What do you think?