Sunday, May 4, 2014

World news - Ukraine

As the violence continues and the casualties mount in Ukraine I wonder who is at fault and why is this happening? What started the problems in Ukraine? If I remember correctly, the problems in Ukraine started when there was a decision made by the Ukrainian government to associate itself with Russia rather than with NATO. This sparked protests and demonstrations that led to the eventual ouster of the current prime minister. Shortly after a separatist movement took hold in eastern Ukraine and eventually Crimea voted to succeed and become part of Russia. Now the separatist is the rest of eastern Ukraine are battling against government forces in an attempt to also succeed and either become independent or become part of Russia. This is where we currently are in the situation in Ukraine.

So who is at fault? Is Russia the instigator or is NATO (the U.S. and E.U.)? I don't think you can lay blame on one or the other. NATO stirred the pot by trying to get Ukraine to associate with them. Russia was not going to let another part of the old Soviet Union go over to NATO and they got involved. Maybe if both sides just left Ukraine alone we would not be in this mess? Unfortunately both sides are now committed and to back down would mean a loss of face and power. So things are going to get worse until there is some kind of definitive resolution. Either Russia will back down and the current Ukraine government subdues all the separatists, or NATO backs down and eastern Ukraine succeeds. Either way it is going to be bloody and many will suffer.

What do you think?