Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Future - Labor Of Love

There are some things that we do just because we love to do them. I have written hundreds of pieces of music not for the money, but just because I love to write music. I have written thousands of words not for the money, but just because I love to write. I wonder sometimes if the introduction of money into any creative endeavor is a negative thing? Then again, if I could make a living writing words or music I would jump at the chance. What if there was a way to create stuff as a labor of love and then get paid for it? Maybe the internet is making that possible? For example, you can now write a book as a labor of love and then self publish it and see if you can make some money from it. You can also do this with music. You can write and produce a piece of music as labor of love and then publish it on iTunes or Google Play and see if it will sell? Maybe that is one of the positive developments of the digital age. Maybe we can work from the perspective of love and then see if what we produce makes any money? Maybe one of the best parts of the digital age will be the ability to turn labors of love into a way to make a living? Now that would be interesting.

What do you think?