Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chromebook - $200 Windows Machine

Microsoft had an Asus laptop for sale at $199 on it's online store and in it's retail stores for one day, which quickly sold out . Is this an attempt to crush the demand for Chromebooks? It could very well be. Will it work? It might, but can Microsoft provide cheap laptops for the long run? Rumors are that Microsoft has cut the licensing fee for Windows from $50 to $15 for laptops under $250. Will manufactures still make money with that price cut? Will Microsoft? The best part of using Chrome OS manufacturers is that it is free from Google. It also comes with no strings attached. Will a cheap Windows laptop be any good? Will it run anything? Will it update for free and have a ton of web based apps for free? Will Microsoft cannibalize sales from higher end laptops? I think Microsoft is concerned, as it should be. This will be interesting to see how it plays out. What will happen if the price for Chromebooks drops?

What do you think?

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