Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Future - The Digital Age

In the digital age people and ideas will be more important than things, services, or brands. Why? Because it is people who create things, services, or brands, and ideas drive production and growth. Maybe this explains why Google has invested in the companies it has recently purchased? Google is (in my opinion) the preeminent digital age corporation. Out of all the organizations on this planet, it is probably the best at functioning in the digital age. It has baffled most of us because the companies it buys and sells don't seem to be related to it's core business (advertising and search). If you look at the people and ideas behind the purchases, then they start to make more sense. I think Google has no real idea what the future will be like, but it knows that if it has the people on board who can thrive in it, it will not matter that much what the future will. Not only that, but it might get lucky and actually employ the people who will create the future. What about Apple? It just bought "Beats". Was it for the products, or the services, or the brands? Maybe it was for the people and the ideas in the company? I am not sure on this one, but as time moves on we will see what the intent was.

What do you think?