Friday, May 16, 2014

Self Improvement - Quitting

I have a personal friend who is dealing with a dilemma. He is a drama teacher and quite artistic. He wants to produce certain types of shows, but his school administration is blocking what he wants to do. As a result, he is going to give the administration an ultimatum. Either let him do the shows he feels the drama department needs to do, or he will step down from teaching drama. Is he doing the right thing? Absolutely yes!

When you have a vision for what you want to do and it is a passion, you stick to it. If that means moving on, then have the courage to move on. I have done this personally myself. I was in a position that I felt I could not continue in for many different reasons. I chose to move on because the situation was not going to change. That was the best thing I ever did. Being "stuck" with something less is not a good place to be. If you can't do your best work, move on. Does that mean quit on the spot? No! Be wise and plan your way out. Find another position first before you quit. Build something else before you move on. But, don't be afraid to go. It might be the best thing you ever did.

What do you think?