Monday, May 19, 2014

Chromebook - Great For Schools

In Orange County, New York every district has moved away from Microsoft products to using Google Apps and specifically Google Drive. As a result of this, one school has bought Chromebooks for all their students. In doing so they are reaping several benefits. One is that students can't claim they do not know what the homework is because it is posted online. They all have access to the internet and can't claim ignorance. Another benefit is the savings in using textbooks. The school has moved to using mostly digital copies that cost far less than physical textbooks. Even better, the students do not have to have a copy at home and one at school. Also, the school has gone paperless (as much as possible). Teachers issue flyers, assignments, and anything else that used to be on paper via email. Parents also have greater access to their students work, grades, and assignments via the internet. Finally, the school is saving money using Chromebooks because they do not need to have a huge tech department to maintain all the systems. I think this Microsoft needs to be concerned!

What do you think?

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