Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Economy - Disneyland

Things can't be all that bad in California. Disneyland has announced that they are increasing ticket prices. Why? To many people are going to Disneyland. Raising prices will hopefully lower the level of crowds especially on the weekends and holidays. Prices will be raised not only on ticket prices for entry to one park (Disneyland or California Adventure), but also on tickets that allow you to go to both parks. Prices are also going to be raised on annual passes for Southern California residents. Sales for annual passes will also be restricted to only those renewing the passes they already own. I remember when you could buy a pass for Southern California residents for $99 and it only cost $45 to get into Disneyland (California Adventure did not exist back then). So, it will cost a family of four about $400 just to get into one of the parks. Also, I don't think buying the ticket to get you into both parks will be worth it. It will cost $150 and you do not have enough time in one day to see everything in one park. Buying access to both will not be worth it. Hey, I am glad my son got a job there. He will be able to occasionally get our family in for free. Hey that will save me $500!

What do you think?

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