Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chromebook - iPad Educational Discount

Apple is now offering a discount on iPads for educational purchases. Could this be because of Chromebooks? Maybe, but I don't think Apple has to worry. iPads are still cool to use and will continue to sell well. But, Chromebooks are making a dent in the market. More and more districts are buying Chromebooks for either the classroom or as a 1-1 device for each student. Why is this happening? Cost! My best guess is that it costs $5-600 per device for an iPad for each student. My best guess is that is costs $2-300 per device for a Chromebook for each student. This does not include on going costs which for iPad can be substantial (LA Unified SD is looking at paying $1 Billion in the future to continue using iPads). For Chromebooks they are low and in some cases non-existent because of free apps. Now the iPad is a better device (I own an iPad 2) but Chromebooks get the job done (I own an Acer C720) for a lot less. I think Apple will continue to do well in education, but Chromebooks will take a chunk of the market just because of the cost.

What do you think?

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