Friday, May 30, 2014

Observations - Drought

California and parts of the South and West of the United states are experiencing a severe drought. While a good rain is one of the solutions to the problem another might be to invest in desalination plants. This is not something new. Israel invested in desalination plants years ago and is now reaping the benefits. Currently 35% of the water Israel uses in coming from 4 desalination plants. A fifth plant is scheduled to come online later this year. By 2050 Israel expects to get as much as 70% of it's water from desalination plants. As a result Israel is claiming to be "water independent". As the population in arid areas grows desalination plants would be great investment to help make those areas "water independent". What if we were to invest in desalination plants? There would be an increase in good paying jobs and there would be an increase in available water. This seems like an ideal solution, so why has it not been done yet? Oh yeah, the politicians need to make happen. 

What do you think?

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