Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Observations - Economic Storm

How to be prepared for the coming economic storm. If we are going to have an economic storm (and I think we will) what would be a good way to prepare for it? I think you should have some food and water set aside. How much? At least 30 days worth if not more. What else? Basic emergency supplies like a first aid kit, extra medications, and basic toiletries. I think you also should have a propane grill in order to be able to cook if power and gas are cut off. Make sure you have extra propane. You should also have a weapon. I think a shotgun and possibly a revolver with plenty of ammunition for both. I would even have a small caliber rifle in order to hunt for small game if things get to that point. What about financial preparations? If you can become debt free, that would be a good idea. You should also have some silver and gold just incase the monetary system fails. You should not have a large hoard of anything because then you will become a target for thieves. What if you have substantial assets? Talk to a financial advisor, but if things get ugly, you will want to have you assets in physical precious metals. You will also have to figure out how to store it all securely. Anything else? An emergency radio would be a good investment. What about a generator? I don't think that would be a good idea because you would make yourself a target and you will need to keep fuel on hand, which is problematic. Maybe a solar powered battery charger so that you can power a computing device if that is possible. That should be enough to make it through a critical period if it becomes necessary. What if things get really ugly? Then you will need to conserve what you have and learn to adapt and survive. What do you think?