Friday, May 23, 2014

Chromebook - Chrome Browser

I was not aware that Chrome is the most used browser in the world. That's great news for Chromebooks, which are laptops using an operating system built around the Chrome browser. People who buy Chromebooks and have used Chrome on another system will feel right at home. This is especially true if the have use any of Google's other apps (especially Drive). I found using my Chromebook to be easy and familiar since I was using the Chrome browser first on a Windows laptop and then on my Mac Mini. I had also already started to use Google Drive, so all my files were immediately accessible. What is fascinating as well is that when I am on my Mac Mini (which is less and less every day) I spend all my time in Chrome using all the same apps and web pages I use on my Chromebook. The only thing I truly use my Mac Mini for any more is to write music. Hey, maybe Finale will make a web app that I can use from my Chromebook? Then I would not need my Mac Mini at all. Now that would be interesting.

What do you think?