Saturday, May 31, 2014

Writing - Blog Milestone

I did not write and publish as many posts this month as I did last month. Last month I published 216 posts and this month I will publish about 170. My total number of posts since I started stands at over 620 though, and that's awesome. Though I published fewer posts this month, I have had a few more views though. Which means that I am getting more views per post than last month. So things are growing and progressing. I still love writing and publishing all the posts I do. I find that I still have plenty to write about.

Just a personal note. I did manage to write over 62,000 words this month which puts me just over 2000 words per day. this is not as good as last month or the month before, but it was the last month of school, which kept me quite busy.

Thanks to all of you who come by and check things out. May you be blessed.

What do you think?